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Commercial Audio & Video Solutions

First Advantage Security provides installations ranging from single and multiple TV and video screen to sound systems that the tone for your business, both indoors and out. Let us bring your vision to life.

Commercial audio/video solutions are essential to productivity in the workplace, and businesses.

Businesses are turning to technology to meet the rising demands and expectations of consumers. The question is not whether your business can benefit from multimedia technologies, but how FAS can support all your audio/video needs.


  • Churches

  • Bar/Restaurant

  • Small Business

  • Healthcare

  • Corporate

  • Government

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The Perfect Audio/Video


Audio and video in you building, restaurant, office or retail location should not be a distraction, it should enhance your experience and productivity. It has also been proven to be an excellent investment with the ability to set a mood, provide soothing ambiance and mask intrusive background noise.

Create a fun, positive and enjoyable restaurant/bar experience.

As a restaurant or bar owner you want the customers to have a positive and enjoyable experience. The benefit comes with the customer staying longer and they will want to come back along with spreading the word about their great experience at your establishment.

With proper equipment you can distribute any number of games to every TV in your establishment, creating an exciting and engaging atmosphere. With the many different options to distribute HDTV signal the most popular is deploying a video matrix system. This allows for all the AV equipment to be rack mounted in a single location saving valuable storage space free for other items.


Commercial audio distribution is different than a multi-room audio system for a home. First Advantage Security use components that are meant to be used in the commercial setting providing your business alive with incredible sound.


Add background music that will enhance your guest's experience or make your employees more productive.


When it comes to delivering that great customer experience audio is just as important as the video system. A will-designed audio system will compliment your video system and deliver the sound for the sporting event being played on the TV or music to energize the atmosphere. This all leads to the customer spending more time at your place spending on drinks and food.

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